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Varaha Swamy Temples in India

                          Varaha Swamy (Varaha avatar) Temples are very rare. Varaha avatar (pig) is the third ‘avatar’ of Lord Vishnu who took ten (Dasa) Avataras. First one Vedanarayana (Matsya) avatar, Second one Kurma avatar, third one is Varaha avatar, fourth one is Narasimha avatar, fifth one is Vamana avatar, sixth one is Parasurama avatar, seventh one is Rama Avatar, eighth one is Balarama avatar, ninth one is Sri Krishna these all are already come and last one means tenth one is will be come that is Kalki Avatar. In these ten avatars third Varaha Avatar temples are mentioned here

1. Tirumala 
  • It is a famous temple town in Chittor district, Andhra Pradesh. Adi Varaha Swamy Temple is here on the bank of Pushkarini. Tirumala is 24kms from Tirupati city.
2. Karimnagar
  •  It is the district head quarter in Andhra Pradesh State. Varaha Swamy temple is in this town. This temple is just 3kms away from But staion of Karimnagar. Karimnagar is 165kms from Hyderabad.
3. Simhachalam
  • It is a famous pilgrimage centre in Visakhapatnam distrit, Andhra Pradesh. Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple is here. It is just 15kms away from Visakhapatnam.
4. Kallidaikuruchi
  •  It is a small town on the bank Tamraparni river Ambasamudram taluq in Tirunelveli district, Tamilnad. Adi Varahaswamy Temple is here. It is just 5kms from Ambasamudram and 38kms from Tirunelveli.
5. Varapuzha 
  • It is a town at Paravur taluk in Ernakulam district, Kerala. Sri Varaha Swamy Temple is here. It is just 11kms from Paravoor and 17kms from Ernakulam.
6. Cherai 
  • It is at Vipyn Island in Ernakulam district, Kerala. Sri Varaha Venkateswara Swamy temple is here. It is just 5kms from Paravoor.
7. Yelandur 
  • It is a taluq town in Chamarajnagar district, Karnatak. Varaha Swamy Temple is here. It is 21kms from Chamarajnagar.
8. Secunderabad
  •  It is state capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Koneru Varaha Swamy Temple is in Padmarao Nagar. This temple is just 1kms away from Secuderabad Railway Station.
9. Alu 
  • It is a small town in Orissa distrct. Sri Lakshmi Varaha Swamy temple is here. It is 17kms from Pattamundai and 38kms from Kendrapara.
10. Jajpur 
  • It is a district headquarter in Orissa State. Yagna Varaha Swamy Temple is here. Jajpur is just 78kms from Cuttack city.
  •  It is a small village near Chennai of Tamilnad. Varaha Swamy (Nityakalyana Perumal) Temple is here. Thiruvindandhai is 35kms from Chennai and 16kms from Mahabalipuram.
Some more temples are there in India. I will mention them as early as possible.


  1. The temple in Secunderabad is not in the locality of Padmarao Nagar, but in the market street near Koneru, close to Shivaji Nagar, Clock Tower etc.

    Please these points be kept in mind.

  2. Even You forgot very famous Shree Mooshnam temple. The lord Varaha bless people of all religions over there.

  3. There is one old varahaswamy temple in Gujarat state Amreli district Jafarabad taluka varahswarup town

  4. one varaha temple is there in trivandrum

  5. Kerala's most famous Varaha temple Panniyoor Varahamoorthy Temple (Palghat) is missing. It also closely associated with the history of Kerala, Vedic education, fued between different groups etc.