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Parashurama Avatar Temples in India

                    Parashurama (Parasurama) Swamy Temples are very rare. Parashurama Avatar is the sixth ‘avatar’ of Lord Vishnu who took ten (Dasa) Avataras. First one Vedanarayana (Matsya) avatar, Second one Kurma avatar, third one is Varaha avatar, fourth one is Narasimha avatar, fifth one is Vamana avatar, sixth one is Parasurama avatar, seventh one is Rama Avatar, eighth one is Balarama avatar, ninth one is Sri Krishna these all are already come and last one means tenth one is will be come that is Kalki Avatar. In thse ten avatars sixth Parashurama Avatar temples are mentioned here. 

1. Kolar 
  • It is the district head quarter in Karnataka State. Parashurama swamy temple is on M.B.Road. Kolar is 71kms from Bangalore and 185kms from Tirupati.
2. Kunjarugiri
  • It is a small village in Udupi district, Karnataka. Parashurama Temple is here. Kunjarugiri is just 11kms from Udipi.
3. Attirala 
  • It is a tourist place in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh State. Pagoda of  Parashurama Temple is here. It was constructed in 6th century. Attirala is just 10kms from Rajampet, 65kms from Kadapa and 98kms from Tirupati.
4. Mundaje
  •  It is a small town at Belthagadi taluk in Uttara kannada district, Karnataka. Kere Parashurama Temple is here. Mundaje is 15kms from Belthagadi, 75kms from Mangalore and 49kms from Mudigere.
5. Nanjangud
  •  It is the taluk town in Mysore district, Karnataka State. It is on the bank of river Kabini. Parasurama Temple is here. Nanjangud is 24kms from Mysore.
6. Irinjalkuda 
  • It is a town in Trissur district, Kerala. Ramapurath Parasurama Temple is here. Irinjalkuda is 25kms from Trichur (Trissur)
7. Thiruvallam
  • It is a temple village in Thiruvanthapuram district, Kerala State. It is on the bank of river Karamana. Parasurama Temple is here. Thiruvallam is just 6kms from Thrivendrum and 6kms from Kovalam beach on Thiruvananthapuram road.
8. Somanath
  •  It is a temple town in Junagadh district, Gujarat State. It is on the bank of Arabian Sea. It is also one of the 12 Jyothirlinga Kshetras. Parasuramji Temple is here near Triveni Ghat. Somanath is 410kms from Ahemdabad and 235kms from Dwarka.
9. Padubelle 
  • It is a small village in Udupi  district, Karnataka. State. Parashu Kshetra Temple is here. Padubelle is just 12kms away from Udupi.
10. Jalalabad
  •     It is a small town in Shajahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh State. According to Indian Mythothology this is the birth place of Lord Parasurama. Parasurama Temple is here. It was constructed in early ages. Jalalabad is 35kms from Shahjahanpur.
Some more temples are there in India. I will mention them as soon as posible.