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Balarama Avatar Temples in India

                          Balaram (Balarama avatar) Temples are very rare. Balarama avatar is the eighth ‘avatar’ of  Lord Vishnu who took ten (Dasa) Avataras. First one Vedanarayana (Matsya) avatar, Second one Kurma avatar, third one is Varaha avatar, fourth one is Narasimha avatar, fifth one is Vamana avatar, sixth one is Parasurama avatar, seventh one is Rama Avatar, eighth one is Balarama avatar, ninth one is Sri Krishna these all are already come and last one means tenth one is will be come that is Kalki Avatar. In these ten avatars eighth  Balarama Avatar temples are mentioned here

1. Puri 
  • It is the district headquarter in Orissa State. It is on the bank of Bay of Bengal sea. Balarama Temple is here as it called Jagannath Temple. In this temple Balarama is there along with Krishna and Subhadra. Puri is 66kms from Bhuvaneswar.
2. Nenmini 
  • It is a small town in Malappuram district, Kerala State. Balarama Temple is here. Nenmini is just three kms away from Guruvayur Temple.  
3. Kendrapara
  •  It is a district headquarter in Orissa State. Baladevjew Mandir is here in Icchapur out skirts of Kendrapara. This temple is just 5kms from Kedrapara bus station and Kendrapara  is 60kms from Cuttack.
4. Denkanal 
  • It is a district headquarter in Orissa State. Siddaha Balaram Temple is here. Denkanal is 50kms from Cuttack and 76kms from Bhuvaneswar.
5. Upargarh
  •  It is a small village in Jajpur district Orissa State. Sri Jagannath Balaram Suvadra Temple is here. Upargarh is 25kms from Dhanmandal and 24kms from Jajpur road and 70kms from Cuttack.
6. Khoyrasole
  •  It is a taluk town in Bhirbum district, West Bengal State. Balaram Mandir is here. Khoyrasole is 45kms from Ranigunj and 18kms from Dubrajpur.
7. Kolkatta
  •  It is the capital city of West Bengal State. Balaram Mandir is here in Bagbazar, It is just 400mtrs distrance from AV School Bustop and 5kms away from Howrah Railway Station.
8. Bhuvaneswar 
  • It is the capital city of Orissa State. Balaram is there in Anantha Vasudeva Temple at Bindusagar, near Lingaraja Temple.
9. Govardhan 
  • It is pilgrim centre in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh State. Balarama mandir is at Doka Dauji Balarama Stali. Here Balarama Sila and Indra Puja and Iravata foot also here. Govardhan is just 23kms from Mathura.
10. Chitrasani
  •  It is a small village in Banaskantha district, Gujarath state. Balaram mahadev temple is on a hill, just 4kms away from Chitrasani village. Chitrasani is 14kms away from Palanpur on Abu Raod and 85kms Mahesana.
Some more temples are there in India. I will mention them soon.


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