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Main Temples in Uttarakhand State

1. Haridwar 
  • It is the district headquarter. It is on bank of the river Ganga. It is one of the Saptha Moksha Puras. Haridwar is the gate town of to enter the Deva Bhoomi Himalayas. It is one of the 4 Kumbhamela Sthalas. Mansadevi Temple is on a hill with rope way, Chandi devi temple is also another hill with rope way. Mayadevi temple, Bharath mata Mandir and so many temples are here, hundreds of Ashrams are also here. Daksheswar Mahadev temple is in Kankal. Har Ki Poudi is main Ganga Ghat, Ganga harathi is performed daily evening here. Haridwar is 210kms from New Delhi.
2. Rishikesh
  •  It is the pilgrims town in Dehradun district. It is also on bank of river Ganga. Hundreds of temples and Ashramas are here. Rishikesh is 20kms from Haridwar.
3. Neelakanth Mahadev 
  • Neelakanth Mahadev temple is on Sivalik ranges. It is just 32kms from Rishikesh.
4. Devaprayag 
  • It is a town in Tehri Garwal district. It is the merging (Sangama) place of Alakananda and Bhageerathi. After sangam it flows as Ganga river. Raghunath Temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams. Dashrathshila is one of the important temple on the bank of river shantha. Devaprayag is 94kms from Haridwar.
5. Rudra Prayag
  •  It is the district headquarter town. It is the place of merge Alaknanda and Mandakini. Rudreswar and Chamundadevi temples are here. Rudraprayag is 161kms from Haridwar.
6. Gupta Kasi 
  • It is a town in Rudraprayag district on the way of Kedarnath. It is on the bank of Mandakini river. Viswanth and Ardhanareeswara Temples are here. It is 45kms from Rudraprayag and 206kms from Haridwar.

7. Ukhimutt 
  • It is a pilgrimage place in Rudraprayag district. Omkareswar temple is here. This is the place Lord Kedareswar get pujas when Kedarnath closed 6months every year. Ukhimath is just 17kms from Guptkasi, 42kms from Rudraprayag.
8. Triuginarayan 
  • It is a small village in Rudraprayag district. Triuginarayana temple which is also called as Akhandadhuni Temple is here. This is the place of Lord Shiva and Parvathi’ marriage held here in the Lord Vishnu’s presenace. It is just 10kms away from Sonprayag which is on the route of Kedarnath,  Gaurikund is just 5kms away from Sonprayag and Rudraprayag is 70kms to Sonprayag.
9. Gaurikund
  •  It is a small town and base point of trek Kedarnath. It is on the bank of river Mandakini. It is the place of Ma Parvathi had done Tapassu (meditation) about u Lord Shiva. Gauri Temple and Hot spring pool (Taptha kund) is also here. Gaurikund is 75kms from Rudraprayag and 235kms from Haridwar.
10. Kedarnath 
  • It is one of the holiest place on earth in Rudraprayag district. It is located 3585mtrs (11,765ft) above sea level. To reach 14kms  Kedarnath one must trek or use pony or helicaptor from Gaurikund.  Kedarnath temple is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas. Adisankaracharya’ Temple and Bhairav temple are also here. 
11. Joshimuth 
  • It is a municipal town in Chamoli district. Adishankaracharya established northern Muth here. Narasimha Temple is one of the 108 divya desams. Joshimuth is 275kms from Haridwar, 113kms from Rudra prayag and 170kms from Gaurikund.
12. Badrinath 
  • It is the temple town in Chamoli district. It is one bank of river Alaknanda. Badrinath Temple is one of the 108 divya desams. Brahmakund, Vyasa cave, Bhima thal, and some of the temples are here. It is also closed 6 months every year and Lord Badrinath’s shrine is at Joshimutt at that time. Badri is 45kms from Joshimuth, 157kms from Rudraprayag, 215kms from Gaurikund and 318kms from Haridwar.
13. Uttarakasi 
  • It is the district headquarter town on the bank of river Bhagirathi. It is on the way of Gangotri. Viswantha Temple and some of the temples and ashramas are here. It is 171kms from Rudraprayag and 291kms from Haridwar.
14. Gangotri 
  • It is a small town in Uttarakashi district. It is on the bank of river Bhagirathi. Ganga Mata temple is here. Gangotri is 100kms away from Uttarakashi.
15. Yamunotri 
  • It is onely temple place in Uttarakashi district. It is the origen place of Yamuna river. Ma Jamunadevi Temple is here. Janaki Chatti is the base place to Yamunotri. To reach Yamunotri one can trek 7kms from Janaki chatti. Janaki chatti is 42kms from Uttarakashi, 168kms from Dehradun and 221kms from Haridwar.

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