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Main Temples in Kerala State

1. Trivendrum
  •  It is the capital city of the Kerala State. It is on the bank of Arebian  Sea. The Great Padmanabha Swamy Temple is here. It is the most wealthy temple in the world. And some of the temples also here.
2. Chenganur 
  • It is a municipal town in Alaphuzha District. Mahadev Temple is very famous here. It is 115kms from Trivendrum, 45kms from Alappuzha and 100kms from Kochin.
3. Sabarimalai
  •  It is in the deep forest in Pathanamthitta District. Famous Ayyappaswamy temple is here. It is in deep forest. Pilgrims reach this temple by trecking the hills. It is 170kms from Kochi and 215kms from Thrivendrum.
4. Trissur (Trichur)
  •  It is the District headquarter city. a) Vadakkunathan Temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu which was founded by Parasurama b) Bhagavathi Temple,     c) Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna temples are main here. It is 85kms from Kochi, 292kms from Trivendrum and  135kms from Coimbatore.
5. Guruvayoor 
  • It is the municipal town in Trichur district. Sri Krishna Temple is the fourth biggest temple in India. It is 28kms from Trichur.

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