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Main Temples in Jarkhand State

1. Ranchi 
  • It is the capital city of Jarkhand state. It is the headquarter of Yogada Satsang which is established by Paramahamsa Yogananda. Jagannath Temple, Sun, Chitragupta, Gayatri and Budha Temples are here. these four temples are nearer to each other.
2. Angrabari 
  • It is a small village in Ranchi district. Amareswardham temple is here. It is 45kms from Ranchi.
3. Deogar 
  • It is the district headquarter city. Baidhyanath Temple is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas. Naulakh Temple is dedicated to Radhakrishna is just 1.5km from Baidhyanath temple. Deogar is 260kms from Patna and 235kms from Gaya.
4. Bokaro
  •  It is the district headquarter city. Ma Kalika Maharani Temple, Jagannath Temple and Srirama Temples are here. 125kms from Ranchi.
5. Rajrappa 
  • It is a small village and waterfalls in Ramgarh district. Chinnamasta Temple is here. Surya, Naulakh Siva and  Kali Temples are here. Rajrappa is 27kms from Ramgarh and 73kms from Ranchi.

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