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Main Temples in Gujarath State

1. Ahmedabad 
  • It is the capital city of Gujarath state and it is on the bank of Sabarmathi river. Akshardham (Swamy Narayan) temples is here at Gandhinagar  28kms away from Central railway station of Ahmedabad. 
2. Dwaraka 
  • It is a temple in Jamnagar district. It is on the bank of Arabian sea.        a) Dwarakadeesh Temple is very big and beautiful temple, b) Rukmini mata temple is just 2kms away from Dwaraka, c) Nageswar Temple is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas 17kms from Dwaraka, d) Gopitalav Gopinath mandir is 21kms from Dwaraka, e) Bhet dwaraka Lord Krishna Temple is 40kms from Dwaraka.  Dwaraka is 444kms from Ahmedabad, 225kms from Rajkot and 230kms from Somnath.
3. Somnath 
  • It is temple town in Junagudh district. It is also on the bank of Arabian sea. Somnatheswar Temple is so beautiful and big temple. It is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas. It is 230kms from Dwaraka, 85kms from Junagudh and 405kms from Ahmedabad. 
4. Junagudh 
  • It is the district headquarter city. Bhavanath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, So many Jain Temples, Dattatreya Temple and so many other temples are here on a hill. Gir holy Parikrama is very anciently runs here. It is one of the main temple city in India. It is 320kms from Ahmedabad.
5. Modhera 
  • It is the temple town in Mehasana distict. It is on the bank of river Pushpavathi. Sun Temple is splendid architecture and it was built in 10th century, Surya kund and Modheswari Mata Mandir are also here. Mothera dance festival is held here every January 3rd week. Modhera is 105kms from Ahmedabad and 25kms from Mehsana.
6. Dakor
  •  It is the Municipal town in Kheda district. Ranachodji Temple is here. It is very popular. And it is one of the 5 Dwaraka kshetras. Dakor is 85kms from Ahmedabad, 35kms from Nadiad and 70kms from Vadodara (Surat)
7. Ambaji
  •  It is a small town in Banaskantha district. Ambaji (Arasuri Ambaji) Temple is on the hill. It is one the 51 shakti peethas. Ambaji town is 20kms from Mount Abu raod railway station, 182kms from Ahmedabad and 65kms from Palanpur.

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