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Navagraha (Nine Planets) Temples in Taminlnad India

                     Generally total Navagrahas (Nine Planets) set on a plat form in all kinds of temples in India. But separately constructed Navagraha temples for each graham. These are very famous and constructed by Chola kings in 10th to 12th centuries in Tamilnad State. These are around the famous pilgrimage centre Kumbakonam. The Navagrahas are 1. Surya (Son), 2. Chandra (Moon), 3. angaraka or Kuja (Mars), 4. Budha (Mercury), 5. Guru (Jupitor), 6. Sukra (Venus), 7. Sani (Saturn), 8. Rahu, 9. Kethu.

1. Suryagraha (Sun) Temple 
  • This temple is at Sooriyanarkoil. Sooriyanarkoil is a small village near Kumbhakonam in Thanjavur district. Suryagraha temple is here. In this temples all other 8 graha temples are also here around the Surya Temple. In this village another important temple is here. That is Mangalambika Temple. Who wants to visit Suryagraha Temple must visit first this Mangalambika Temple. Sooriyanarkoil village is 15kms from Kumbakonam, 24kms from Mayiladuthurai and just 3kms away from Aduthurai bus station.
2. Chandragaraha (Moon) Temple 
  • This temple is at Thingaloor (Thingalur). It is a small village near Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur district. Chandragraha Temple is in this village. Thingaloor is 35kms from Kumbakonam, 16kms from Thanjavur and just 4kms from Thiruvaiyaru. Thiruvaiyuru is the birth place of Thyagaraja Swamy who is great devotee of  Lord Rama and wrote thousands of Sankeerthanas.
3. Anagaraka or Mangala or Kuja graha (Mars) Temple 
  • This temple is at Vaidheeswarankoil. Vaidheeswarankoil (Vaitheeswarankoil) is a famous pilgrimage centre near Sirkazhi (Shirkali or shirkazhi) in Nagapatnam district. Angaraka graha temple is in this village. This village is famous for Nadi Jyothishyam. Vaidheeswarankoil is 7kms from Sirkazhi, 15kms from Mayiladuthurai and 50kms from Kumbakonam.
4. Budhagraha (Mercury) Temple
  •  This temple is at Thiruvengadu. Thiruvengadu is also a pilgrimage centre near Sirkazhi in Nagapatnam district. Budhagraha temple is in this village. Thiruvengadu is 14kms from Sirkazhi, 24kms from Mayiladuthurai, 60kms from Kumbakonam and 7kms from Pompuhar.
5. Gurugraha (Jupitor) Temple 
  • This temple is at Alangudi. Alangudi is a pilgrame centre in Thiruvarur district. Gurugraha temple is in this village. Alangudi is 18kms from Kumbakonam and 36kms from Thiruvarur.
6. Sukragraha (Venus) Temple 
  • This temple is at Kanjanoor (Kanjanur). This is a small village near Suriyanarkoil in Thanjavur district. Sukragraha temple is here. Kanjanoor is just 3kms away from Suriyanarkoil temple, 17kms from Kumbakonam and 20kms from Mayiladuthurai.
7. Sanigraha (Saturn) Temple
  •  This temple is in Thirunallar. Thirunallar is a small town near Karaikal in Pandhicherry. Sanigraha Temple is here. Nalakund or Lord Saneeswar pond is here. Who wants to doing Sani parihar first he must bath in this pond. Thirunallar is just 5kms away from Karaikal, 52kms from Kumbakonam and 25kms from Nagapattinam (Nagapatnam).
8. Rahugraha Temple 
  • This temple is at Thirunageswarm. Thirunageswaram is a temple town near Kumbakonam. Rahugraha temple is here. Uppiliappan Perumal Temple is also in this twon. Thirunageswaram is just 6kms from Kumbakonam.
9. Kethugraha Temple 
  • This temple is at Keezhaperumpallam (Keelaperumpallam). Keezhaperumpallam is very near to Pompuhar in Nagapatnam district. Kethugraha temple is here. Keezhaperumpallam is just 3kms away from Pompuhar, 8kms away from Thiruvengadu Budhan temple.

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