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Thrilingas in Andhra Pradesh ( Thriling desam)

                                 Once Andhra province was as the territory between Kaleswara Kshetram in north, Draksharama Kshetram in east and Srisaila Kshetram in the west. Since the territory of the Telugu speaking people was described with in these boundaries of these three linga temples, Thriling, that territory was known as the Thriling Desam.

1. Kaleswara Kshetram 
  • It is a village at Mahadevpur mandal in Karimnagar district. It is on the bank of river Pranahita. Kaleswara Mukteswara Swamy Temple is here. In this temple two lingas are on one Panavattam (pedestal), they are called as Lord Shiv and Lord Yama. Collectively called as Kaleswara Mukteswara Swamy. Kaleswaram is 118kms from Warangal, 260kms from Hyderabad and 135kms from Karimnagar.
2. Srisaila Kshetram
  •  It is a temple town on Sri Parvatam in Nallamala forest in Kurnool distrct. It is one bank of river Krishna. It is one of the 12 Jyothirling temple and one of the 18 Shakthi peetha temple and also one of the Thrilinga temple. Mallikarjuna Temple is here. It is 210kms from Hyderabad.
3. Draksharama Kshetram 
  • It is a temple town in East Godavari distrtict. It is one of the 18 Shakthi Peethas, one of the Pancharama Temples and one of the Thrilinga Kshetra temples. Bhimeswar Temple is here. It is very ancient temple. Drakshramam is 29kms from Kakinada and 186kms from Visakhapatnam.

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