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Main Temples in Punjab State

1. Amritsar 
  • It is the District headquarter city. Golden Temple (Harmandir Saheb Gurudwara) is very famous here. Durgiana Mandir also a nice Temple. Ram thirth is the place of Valmiki Maharshi Ashram where Lav and Kush born. Amritsar is 82kms from Jalandhar.
2. Jalandhar 
  • It is the district head quarter city. Shiva Temple and Sodal Temple are the main temples in Jalandhar. Jalandhar is 385kms away from New Delhi on Jammu route and 220kms from Jammu.
3. Bhatinda 
  • It is the district headquarter city. Bhagavathi Temple is here. Bhatinda is 230kms away from Chandigarh
4. Kapurtala 
  • It is district headquarter city. Panch Mandir Temple is so famous here. Kapurtala is just 21kms away from Jalandhar.

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