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Six Abodes of Murugan (Subrahmanya Swamy) in India

                   The Lord Subrahmanya Swamy has mainly 6 Important  Holy Temples in Tamilnad, which are related to his life history.
1. Thiruparamkundram 
  • In this place Swamy married Devayani or Devasena the daughter of Indra. It is a big temple on hill foot. It is 9kms away from Madurai Tamilnad.
  • In this place Swamy killed Soorapadman the king of rakshasas. It is so famous and very big temple on the sea shore of Bay of Bengal. It is 60kms from Tirunalveli and 90 kms from Kanyakumari.
3. Phalani
  • In this place Swamy renounced the world, and set himself apart from the family. It is a famous and very big temple on a small hill. Rope way is also available here. It is 64kms from Dindigul and 66kms from Pollachi.
4. Swamimalai
  • In this place Swamy became a guru to his father, Lord Siva. It is a very good temple on a small hill. It is just 8kms away from Kumbakonam and 36kms from Thanjavur.
5. Thiruthani
  • In this place Swamy married Valli, daughter of a forest king. It is also a very beautiful and big temple on a hill. It is 40kms from Thiruvallur, 86kms from chennai and 45kms from Kanchipuram.
6. Palamudircholai
  • In this place swamy blessed the avvaiyar who was famous tamil poet.It is also one of the big temple. It is about 20kms away from Madurai 16kms from Melur.

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