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Pancha Dwaraka Kshetras in India

                   Pancha Dwaraka Kshetras are Sri Krishna Temples, these are very important temples for Vaishnavas and also others. These are spread in the states of Gujarath and Rajastan.

1. Dwaraka 
  • Dwarakadheesh Temple a very big temple which was built in about 5th or 6th Century. This temple is in Dwaraka Gujarath. It is 450kms from Ahmedabad, 105kms from Porbandar. It is at the sea shore of Arabian Ocean.
2. Bet Dwaraka
  • Sri Dwarakadeesh Temple is in Bet Dwaraka Gujarath. It is 35kms from Dwaraka, in this 35kms, 32kms travel by road and 3kms by boat mean that the Bet Dwaraka is an island.
3. Dakor
  • Dwarakadeesh (Ranachodrai) Temple is a beautiful one which is at Dakor town in Kaira District in Gujarath State. It is 92kms away from Ahmedabad, 62kms from Vadodara.
4. Nathdwara
  • Srinathji Temple, It was built in14th century, the idol of krishna is 7years age balakrishna. It is at Nathdwara in Rajsamand dostroct Gujarath, it is 52kms from Udaipur.
5.. Kankroli
  • Dwarakadeesh Temple is at Kankroli in Rajsamand District Rajastan, which is 2kms away from Rajsamand, 68kms from Udaipur, 17kms from Nathdwara.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such useful information. I've known about Dwarka as one of the destination in Char Dham yatra. A magnificent spiritual realm, there are various hotels in Dwarka welcoming tourists with warm hospitality.