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Sri Bhuvaneswari Devi Temples in India

There are very few temples of Bhuvaneswari in India. I mentioned here some of them.

1. Yathapalem
  •  It is a small village in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh State. Bhuvaneswari temple is here. Yathapalem is 16kms from Chodavaram on Visakhapatnam road and 30kms from Visakhapatnam.
2. Bangalore 
  • It is the capital city of Karnataka state. Bhuvaneswari devi temple is here in kempapura. This temple is 13kms from Bangalore Central Railway Staion. Another Bhuvaneswari temple is in Malleswaram and it is just 5kms from Bangalore central station. another temple is in C.V. Raman Nagar and it is just 11kms away from Bangalore central staion.
3. Potheri
  •  It is a small village in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu state. Bhuvaneswari amman Temple is here. Potheri is 10kms away from Vandalur on Chengalpattu  road and 20kms from Chengalpattu.
4. Chennai
  •  It is the capital city of Tamil nadu State. Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple is here in Bharathidasan colony. This temple is 14kms from Cennai Central Railway Station. another temple is at Andal Nagar, Adambakkam. This temple is just 3kms away from St Thomas Mt Railway staion and 14kms from central railway station of Chennai.
5. Kozhikode
  •  It is a district headquarter in Kerala State. Sri Bhuvaneswari Temple is here in Koombara. This temple is  3kms from Kozhikode Railway Station.
6. Vadnagar
  •  It is a village in Mahesana district of Gujarat State. Shree Bhuvaneswari Mandir is here. Vadnagar is 40kms away from Mahesana.
7. Lucknow
  •  It is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh State.Bhuvaneswari Devi Mandir is here in Adilnagar. This temple is 10kms from Lucknow Railway Station. another Sri Bhuvaneswari Devi temple is in kutubpur, Hasanngunj. This temple is just 2kms away from Lucknow Railway Station.
Some of the Bhuvaneswari temples may be in India. I will mention them later

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