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Nava Durga Temples Separately in Varanasi

                 Varanasi is the most famous pilgrimage city in India. This city is on the bank of Gangas. Varanasi is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas and one of the 18 Shakti Peethas. All the Nava Durgas temples are here separately. This kind of temples in one city very very special. There is no city except Varanasi. 

1. Shailaputhri Durga Temple 
  • This temple is in Jalalipura. This temple is 2.5kms away from Varanasi City RS.
2. Bramacharini Durga Temple 
  • This temple is in Ghasi Tola near Durga Ghat. Durga ghat is very near to Pancha Ganga Ghat.
3. Sri Chandraghanta Durga Devi Temple
  •  This Temple is just opposite to chowk police station.
4. Kushmanda Durga Temple
  •  This Temple is at Durga kund. It is called as Monkey Temple or Durga mandir.
5. Skandamata Temple 
  • This Temple is near Jaithpura Police Station. This temple is just 110mtrs away from this police station on Varanasi city RS. And Rs is from this temple 900mts away only.
6. Katyayani durga Temple 
  • This Temple is at Agnisvara Ghat which is near to Pancha ghat. Another Katyayani Temple is in premises of Atma Veereswarer Temple which is near Sankat ghat. Sankat ghat is between the Manikarnika and Panchaganga ghats.
7. Kalaratri Durga Temple 
  • This Temple is in Kalika line (beside Dom Raja Palace) near Tripura Bhairavi Ghat. This temple is just  400mtrs from Kasi Viswanath Mandir.
8. Mahagauri Mandir 
  • This Temple is just beside of Annapoorna Devi Temples.
9. Siddheshawari Temple 
  • This Temple is at Ck. 7/124, Sidheshwari Mohalla. And another siddeshwari temple is here at K. 60/29, Siddhamata Gali near Kalbhairav temple.


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