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Maa Chinnamasta Temples in India

There are very few Chinnamasta Temples in India. I mention here some of them.

1. Guwahati
  •  It is the district headquarter city in Assam State. Maa Chinnamasta Mandir is here near Kamakhya Devi Mandir. This temple is just 9kms from Guwahati Railway Station.
2. Bishnupur
  •  It is a town in Bankura district of West Bengal State. Chinnamasta mandir is here. The temple is just 4kms away from Bishnupur Railway Station. Bishnupur is 36kms from Bankura and 140kms from Kolkata.
3. Bankura 
  • It is the district headquarter in West Bengal State. Maa Chinnamasta Temple is here near Sati Ghat. This temple is 2kms from Bankura Railway Staion. Bankura is 70kms from Asansol and 95kms from Bardhaman.
4. Dishergarh
  •  It is the municipal town in Bardhaman district of West Bengal State. Maa Chinnamasta Kali Mandir is near here on the bank of river Damodar. This temple is just 200 mtrs away from Dishergarh Bus Station. Dishergarh is 19kms away from Asansol.
5. Rajrappa 
  • It is a pilgrimage centre in Ramgarh district of Jarkhand State. Chinnamasta mandir is here. Rajrappa is 27kms from Ramgarh and 75kms from Ranchi.
I think some more temples in India. I will find out them soon.

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