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Kamala (Kamalatmika) Devi Temples in India

Kamala (Kamalatmika) Devi Temples are very few in India. I mention them here.

1. Chikkaladinni 
  • It is a small village at Hukkeri Taluq in Belgam district of Karnataka State. Shri Kamala Devi Temple is here. Chikkaladinni is 35kms from Belgam and 35kms from Hukkeri.
2. Dandi Pada
  •  It is a small village near Palghar in Thane District of  Maharashtra State. Kamala Devi Mandir is here near Maha Lakshmi Temple. This temple is 8kms from Palghar and 94kms from Thane.
3. Thiruvarur 
  • It is the district headquarter city in Tamil Nadu State. Sri Kamalambika Temple is here in Thiruvarur Thyagarajar Temple at Thanjai Salai. This temple is just 1.5km from Bustation. 42kms from Kumbakonam and 25kms from Nagapatnam (Nagapattinam).
4. Challamambapuram (Anjuru)
  •  It is a small village near Sri Kalahasti in Chittore district of Andhra Pradesh State. Sri Kamala Kannemma Temple is here on a bank of  big pond. This temple is just 1.5kms away from Anjuru bustop. Challamambapuram is 15kms from Srikalahasti and 55kms from Tirupati.

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