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Kurma (Tortoise) Avatar Temples in India

                  Kurma avatar Temples are very rare. Kurma avatar (Tortoise) is the second ‘avatar’ of Lord Vishnu who took ten (Dasa) Avataras. First one Vedanarayana (Matsya) avatar, Second one Kurma avatar, third one is Varaha avatar, fourth one is Narasimha avatar, fifth one is Vamana avatar, sixth one is Parasurama avatar, seventh one is Rama Avatar, eighth one is Balarama avatar, ninth one is Sri Krishna these all are already come and last one means tenth one is will be come that is Kalki Avatar. In these ten avatars second  Kurma Avatar temples are mentioned here. 

1. Kurmai 
  • It is a small temple at Palamaner mandal, in Chittor district, Andhra Pradesh. Kurma Varadaraja Swamy Temple is here. It is very ancient and historical temple.  Kurmai is 10kms from Palamaner and 52kms from Chittor district.
2. Sri Kurmam
  •  It is a temple village in Srikakula district, Andhra Pradesh. Sri Kurmanatha Swamy temple is here. It is constructed in 13th century. It is 15kms away from Srikakulam. It is the main temple for Kurmavatar in India.
3. Gavi Rangapura
  •  It is a small village at Hosadurga taluq in Chitradurga district, Karnatak. Ranganatha Swamy ( Kurmavatar) Temple is here on a small hill. This temple is 29kms from Hosadurga and 42kms from Arsikere.

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