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Temples and Tourist Places in Vijayanagaram District

1. Ramatheertham 
  • Here are Srirama Temple, a Jain mandir and a Boudha stupam,12 kms to Vijayanagaram.
 2. Vijayanagaram
  • Pidithalli and Gnana Sarasvathi Temples are here, The House of Gurajada Appa Rao, Khadarbaba Darga and some are here to visit.
 3. Narayanapuram 
  •  Neelakanteswara Swamy Temple is here, It is the10th century Temple, 5kms from Balijipet, 20kms to Bobbili.
 4. sambara 
  •  Poleramma and Siva Temples are here, 16kms to Saluru.
 5. Kallepallirega 
  • Gayatri Mandir, It is 3kms from Musiram enroute village of Kottavalasa to Devarapalli.
 6. Punyagiri 
  • Dhara Gangamma and An ancient Siva temples are here, 5kms to Srungavarapukota.
 7. Bobbili 
  •  Venugopaala Swamy Temple and a Famous Fort are here.
 8. Govindapuram 
  • A beautiful Gitamandiram is here, 20kms to Vijayanagaram.
 9. Kumili 
  • A Big Group of Temples are here, 2 kms to  Rellivalasa.
10. Thotapalli 
  •  Venkateswara and Kodandarama Temples are here, 8kms from Parvathipuram.
11. Thatipudi 
  • A beautiful Reservaor is here, 8kms from Srungavarapu kota
12. Dharmavaram 
  • Sanyaseswara Swamy Temple is here, 5kms from SSrungavarapu kota
13. Jami
  •  Yellaramma, Madhava and Venugopala Temples are here, Beside of Goutami river, 19kms from Vijayanagaram, and 16kms to Srungavarapukota
14. Gajapatinagaram 
  • Ramalingeswara, Rama, Venakateswara and Temples are here,  22kms from Vijayanagaram on Bobbili route,  beside champaa river.
15. Gumpa
  • Chennakesava and Someswara Temples are here, Kotapam mandal near Parvathipuram.
16. Polingam
  • Bhaktavatsala Swamy temple is here, Baligipet taluk.
17. Dwarapudi
  • Siva temple is here, and A big nandi is also here, 7kms to Vizianagaram.
18. Balijipet 
  • Venkateswara swamy temple is here, and it is the18th century temple, 23kms to Bobbili.
19. Makkuva 
  • Majji Gowri and Rama temples are here, 7kms from Sambara and 19kms from bobbili

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